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Dorset Home Improvements can supply and install a conservatory to your home, giving you endless possibilities for that extra bit of room, will enhance your property and add great value to your home.

This creates extra space, and an extra room to use as a study, a dining area, even an extra lounge, the possibilities are endless.

All types and sizes of conservatories can be supplied and fitted and they can be installed at the back, side or even front of you property.

They can be erected quickly and efficiently, with many different designs to choose from. Don't move, why not improve?

Dorset Home Improvements have many years experience in the building trade and if you think a conservatory may not be suitable for your home, please ask, as we can suggest great ideas and solutions about where a conservatory could be installed in your home.

From a small terrace home to a large hotel or public building we can provide a bespoke conservatory, choosing from many different options and sizes, designs, shapes and configurations to match the surroundings and to be in keeping with the overall look of your home.

With many different door and window openings to choose from, full length self cleaning glass designs to traditional half-brick built dwarf wall style conservatories, you decide which is best for you and your budget and we can advise accordingly and provide a competitive quote.

Also a full range of different colours are available, and you can choose from a Polycarbonate design or self cleaning Glass roofs, to suit your requirements and budget.

Some styles are listed below, although Dorset Home Improvements can suggest the best options, calling on years of experience and extensive knowledge.

The Victorian

The Victorian Conservatory Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole - Dorset Home Improvements Ltd

This style of Conservatory will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to any property, with its timeless and classical appeal, it is very popular and will suit most properties.

However, consideration needs to be given to how the space is going to be utilised, how many sides it will have and of course whether it will blend into the surroundings.

Don't forget to give some thought to the arrangement of furniture and always calculate the internal measurements when considering this, although we can guide you through this.

There are no sharp corners or angles with this design which allows easier access to areas of the garden where space may be limited.

The Traditional Lean To

The Traditional Lean To Conservatory Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole - Dorset Home Improvements Ltd

This Conservatory type, sometimes called a Sun room or Garden room is probably the most simplest in design and suits a number of different homes where there is a straight wall where it is attached to your home. It has clean, simple lines and will appeal to most tastes and is usually good value for money.

This style is quite simple and basic, therefore will be fairly easy to install and this style is perfect for many homes and it is usually very easy to arrange furniture inside, because of the layout.

The roof, which can be pitched or sloped can vary in degrees and angles, depending on the appearance that you want to create and also what 'looks and feels right' with the style of your home.

The traditional lean to design is available in various sizes, design and colours and also has the option of self cleaning glass.

The Edwardian

The Edwardian Conservatory Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole - Dorset Home Improvements Ltd

The Edwardian Conservatory, is also known as the Georgian or Regency Conservatory and seems to be one of the most popular style, with a defined classic shape, which can be rectangular or square. The style gives the maximum internal floor space, so it is ideal room for a dining area or extra lounge.

Dorset Home Improvements can suggest the best design feature for the roof and this is depends on the style to be created, and whether it is attached to a house, bungalow, residential home, hotel or commercial building, all options can be considered.

This is also available in various sizes and colours and can be installed with self cleaning glass, if required.

The Gable Front

The Gable Front Conservatory Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole - Dorset Home Improvements Ltd

The Gable front conservatory is probably the first and original design for conservatories capturing the elegance and enhancing the architecture of many older properties, which is why it could be an obvious choice for your home.

The shape is always square or rectangular, but the front section of the roof is vertical, allowing the maximum amount of light in, especially if the Gable front conservatory is facing south.

Dorset Home Improvements can also advise on the 'sunburst' feature installed in the front gable which adds a touch of class and regal feel to the look of the conservatory, so please enquire.

This is very similar shape and design to the other traditional conservatories (except perhaps the lean to), but unlike the Victorian or Edwardian, the front roof shape is the obvious difference.

The 'P' Shape

The P Shape Conservatory Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole - Dorset Home Improvements Ltd

The 'P' shape is a combination of the Victorian style conservatory and the Lean To conservatory.

This design gives great flexibility and an enormous amount of indoor space is created and has many uses.

It is generally considered to be perhaps to be the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing of all. It could be a study, dining area, extended lounge or just somewhere to relax over coffee.

This design will certainly add substantial value to your home and it is possible to achieve a unique style, and an extended room at the same time.

This will probably be a more expensive option but if you have a fairly large garden and therefore enough room to accommodate this combination conservatory, then this will be a great way to extend your home.

As always Dorset Home Improvements can advise and plan out your design, using the extensive knowledge gained over many years.

Please call for all the options available.